GH Streaming: Music Of Many Colours

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    DJ K-Katsu (SOLE channel Music NYC) Dazzle Drums (Block Party | Green Parrot Recording) -Dancer's Showcase- CigarMonkDistort (YUU, SHIGE) Be Drunk -Dancer's Session- Yacheemi (餓鬼レンジャー | G.G.C) Kyo (VIBEPAK) Jona (Yaωaraka) O-no (Mnchr-m) yu-ki. Jasmine (Mnchr-m)
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  • 『DJとダンサー達、個々の表現が混ざり刺激し合うパーティ』 7月3日に開催されたMusic Of Many ColoursからレジデントのDazzle Drums、大阪のアンダーグラウンド・ハウス・シーンを牽引するK-Katsuのプレイと個性豊かなラインナップによるダンスセッションをGH STREAMINGで配信決定。漆黒のダンスフロアに広がった色彩豊かな空間とハウス・ミュージックを楽しんで欲しい。 GH STREAMINGにて配信致します 「Party where DJs, dancers, and individuals bring out their expressions to stimulate one another」 Music Of Many Colours’ resident Dazzle Drums, recently hosted their party on 7/3, and a dance session with a colourful lineup and the leading figure of Osaka’s underground House scene K-Katsu will be going live on GH STREAMING.  Enjoy the pitch-black dance floor being lit up by the various colours of House Music.  This event will be broadcasted on GH STREAMING. Start 8PM - Ends 11PM ¥490 Monthly Subscription
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