Dominant Streaming 02

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  • DOMINANT STREAMING 02 Looking for that spot of freedom ... It seems to be far, but it's right there, indeed. DOMINANT is a promoter brand that arises from passion, nonconformity and the searching for new stimuli. Giving great importance on the complete sensorial experience, they create events with an immersive atmosphere, where every detail is important. The musical spectrum rages from noise, industrial, EBM to all kind of dark and unconventional sounds. This time DOMINANT brings us an online event, STREAMING 02. This will be on Sunday, July 25, starting at 7:00 p.m. For a few hours, we suggest that you forget everything and connect to its intense red universe. The experience will begin with the hypnotic and sensual Live created by DISOCIACIÓN, producer and Dj from Buenos Aires based in Barcelona. We will continue with a Dj Set by JUAN ARCYNIEGAS, producer and Colombian DJ, from which we can expect an eclectic set, including styles such as Italo Disco, House, Electro, Ebm, New Wave, Techno Industrial and some freky stuff. The dance floor would be prepared for THE MÁLCHICO, an electronic music producer who creates loud tracks specially designed to shoot your head and make you explode. The cherry on the top od the cake would be the Dj Set by DAVE INOX, dj and producer from Barcelona, who will shake our bodies with EBM sounds and his musical selection based on his own techno / body music concept. The visual journey is guaranteed by the mind of VJ GAIXA, a Catalan visual artist who creates audiovisual installations and video mapping performances. He has prepared for DOMINANT a dark and penetrating red world, with more or less explicit forms and symbolisms for make the experience complete. Everything has been designed to make the experience immersive, creating a journey to a place of freedom. That place looks very far away, but it is right there, inside you. An inner revolution takes place every time that one of us let our hidden face dominate us. Let’s be revolution. Let’s be DOMINANT.
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