Art I Dicction at H13 Haselhorst

  • As we combine all arts into one chaotic disorder of expression, we dare to state we will dictate addictive art to you! Come and enjoy a flabbergasting Open Air event with us and our artists! Whoever remember "Lockdown Summer" shall be blown away on this co creational art party! TECHNO | ART | DANCE | FREEDOM Tickets : only 200 pieces for 10€ (two free drinks) ► 🄻🄸🄽🄴 🅄🄿 Wiebe Roose (Hedomanie / Art Dicction) K-Trax aka Doc. Ballat(USX / Berlin) Bazeja Visual Art : Mahir Duman Fire performance : Satisfire Dance performances by : Satisfire Nicholas Rose UV ART : Farblos Location : Haselhorst H13 Am Juliusturm 13 13599 Berlin Please stay tuned for more information & updates regarding the hygiene concept and ticket sales. Right now, it looks like we are able to open under the following rules: ►Definitely bring your Corona negative test! FROM THAT DAY! ►For people who've taken the full procedure of the vaccine, or who've recovered, please bring in the legal documentation to prove your circumstance. Any documentation older than 6 months is NOT valid ►Registration is required at the entrance! ►Please wear your FFP2 mask at the entry and in the waiting lines! ►PLEASE BRING YOUR ID! If you bring your passport PLEASE BRING YOUR MELDEBESCHEINIGUNG! We need your cooperation to make this party beautiful, and we do not want to escort any rebels out of the venue with broken hearts. 🄿🄻🄴🄰🅂🄴 🄽🄾🅃🄴 ►We are up to date with the current regulations, but we still need to be flexible in case anything changes. New infos will follow as they get released to us. ►Please be aware! We are doing our best to create a safe and corona friendly event – don’t hesitate to remind others who are breaking restrictions, you will also have our support in this case. ►NO NAZI SHIT! NO RACISM! NO SEXISM!! WE HAVE ZERO TOLERANCE 🅃🄸🄲🄺🄴🅃🅂 ►TICKETS OUT NOW! Limited quantity available
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