• Katatyst returns. Time to dance. TechnoFist presents its third Katalyst party. Two rooms and 5 artists, 8 hours of music. *** NOTE! Due to the Delta variant of COVID increasing and we want to keep our folks safe, this party will be Vaccine Only!! Staff at the door of H0l0 will be enforcing this requirement *** *** NOTE2!! Guidance from H0L0: If you're a resident of NY State, you can either bring your hardcopy proof of vaccination with you or bring a virtual copy via the Excelsior app (https://covid19vaccine.health.ny.gov/excelsior-pass) If you're coming from out of state, bring either your vaccination hardcopy or a picture of it on your mobile device and have it ready along with your ticket to ensure a smooth entry into the event. ------------ In Room 1, we continue the spirit of fast, hard, melodic, and unapologetically trancy techno. Our headliner, hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, is the rising talent Idalia, who is feverishly working to bring the energetic techno sound to an area known for it's Creole food and Mardi Gras. The atmospheric architect and opening master, A.M.D will be bring the room from zero to anticipation - a skill only few master and have the discipline to do, but which A.M.D rejoices in doing. The musical baton will be passed to fresh new talent Softie, who was discovered dropping some Kulor cuts on the first Floor of Flash DC obliterating any pre-conceived notion of what sort of music should be played in the downstairs area. Closing things out.. a new alias of Damon Bradley, CX580, which hearkens back to his formative years - 1993, and right in the space where he loves to be - between uplifting and hypnotic hardtrance, acid, and sturdy techno. In Room 2 we take a different path, down memory lane and across genres that helped build the modern techno we all now love and enjoy. DJ Dubu makes the trek from Washington DC to Brooklyn to give a lesson in old school techno, hardcore, trance, and everything in between. Echor, a strong local who will connect the dots between hardcore, breakbeat, techno, IDM, and trance to round out the sounds of the night. ROOM 1: Idalia / New Orleans A.M.D / TechnoFist / Brooklyn Khadija / Brooklyn CX580 / TechnoFist / Washington DC ROOM 2: Echor / Brooklyn DJ Dubu / Washington DC DJ Land Reform / Washington DC *** Idalia *** Born & raised in New Orleans, the first electronic track Idalia ever heard was 1998 by Binary Finary when she was 10 years old and the rest is history. Too young at the time to attend the iconic State Palace Theater raves that made New Orleans the rave capital at one point, Idalia dived deep to listen to different types of music as her passion for electronic music grew as well as her music library. A true music nerd at heart, with a unique ear for different sounds & after years of supporting local/international scenes, Idalia decided to take the jump into djing. Having traveled the world in the name of techno, this NOLA native is ready to put into practice just what she preaches, hoping to lure some into the faster side of techno and to make New Orleans a rave capital once again. *** DJ Dubu *** https://soundcloud.com/djdubu Biography: DJ Dubu (Tiffany) is a DJ based in Washington DC. A lifetime music digger, former archivist and multi-instrumentalist, Tiffany's love for electronic music spurred from an interest in the cultural and aesthetic origins of the underground dance music that made her feel and move. Her college radio show tracing the roots of samples and styles in electronic music gave her a deep appreciation for sample-based music from the early 1990s. Tiffany started mixing dusty garage house vinyl in 2013, developing her craft while playing for Left of Center and putting on an occasional deep house or old skool party. Since then she has expanded her selections to include breakbeat, jungle, techno, and club music. As a DJ, Tiffany is not afraid to show dancers groovy rhythms, lush melodies, vocals and timeless sounds that are influential to dance music today. *** Echor *** Echor is a DJ & photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. As huge fan of late 80s to early 90s music, he is especially drawn to oldskool breakbeatz. Never sticking to one emotion, his sets flow between different sounds and moods to ensure the dance floor will never get bored. Currently, he throws a party called "Lumière" which showcases multigenre dance music. When he’s not at the club, he likes to create conceptual downtempo mixes. *** A.M.D *** The lion of hospitality, the sage of deep Techno and Senegal's finest - A.M.D. He is a true humble artist who is 10000% about the music and no fluff. His passion is literally taking an empty room or a dancefloor with still bodies, and gradually animating them through hyper meticulous selection and DJ craftmanship. *** Khadija *** Khadija is an American-Bangladeshi DJ/producer living in Brooklyn, New York. Taking inspiration from a diverse set of genres including 90’s alt-rock, house, techno, electro, EBM and more, Khadija sound hits hard and is very eclectic. She's played at numerous establishments in New York City, including Elsewhere and Bossa Nova Civic Club, and has recently been featured on the bill for Centrific's Midwest Rave, The Great Beyond. *** CX580 *** A new moniker for an old head. This one to encompass the heart of the past, where heads and artists just innocently explored the alien worlds of new set of genres known as techno and trance.
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