Warehouse Systems 2 Year Anniversary

  • Warehouse Systems is celebrating its two-year anniversary on Saturday, July 24th with a 19-hour event at Detroit’s Tangent Gallery. Jam packed with talent that’s near and dear to Detroit, as well as national and international sluggers, Warehouse Systems is crafting a day-to-night-to-day experience flush with visual and auditory sensation and art curation. Three stages of music showcase 25 artists as they decorate time and space, kicking off at 5 p.m. on Saturday and rolling into noon on Sunday. Led by Detroit’s own Jerry Downey, Jacob Park, and Nick Dagher, the Hangar stage will feature cerebral techno from New York-by-way-of-Moscow’s Julia Govor. Brooklynite RRAO brings their multi-dimensional dancefloor expression, while Brad Moontribe’s eclectic range will manage the steering wheel to greet the early morning hours. A special appearance from Dr. Disko Dust and Heidi Lawden b2b Lovefingers will guide the afterglow with daytime-inspired disco, closed out by Detroit’s own Loren b2b Mister Joshooa. Inside the Ballroom, techno priestess Volvox will champion peak hours, followed by sinister techno tempos from Kiev’s Yan Cook, while UK techno pioneer Regis will make a rare state-side appearance. Dejan, Jack Donevan, Cam McGuiffie b2b Blake Trinske will set the groundwork for the hours to come. Heavily represented by Detroit, the Patio stage will feature the Godfather of Techno Soul, Eddie Fowlkes, and the latest recipient of the Spirit of Detroit award Drummer B. Detroit-native turned Berlin expat Minguel Sinquez will also grace the stage, along with the notorious Beige and Craig Gonzalez. Brian Kapla, Edamami b2b Psychick, and Marcus Lott will set the pace. Warehouse System’s 2-year anniversary boasts Run by Audio Rescue Team, featuring a primo Turbosound/Funktion-One hybrid system in the Hangar, a Void Airmotion Rig for the Ballroom, and the Patio decked out with a Turbosound/Tactical Audio hybrid system. Visuals are supported by Ryan Richards. Scoop your early bird tickets before they’re gone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Warehouse Systems / ˈwerˌhous ˈsistəmz / noun. 1. A subversive organization charged with manufacturing and distributing black-market techno music. 2. Hit-and-run banditos that sanction clandestine gatherings in the expansive raw underbelly of Detroit, Michigan. Warehouse Systems takes no prisoners. Grit, sweat, and pounding bass are the pillars of Warehouse System’s success, helping them capture the attention of the techno capital. Bridging the gap between a Detroit caught between its past and its future, Warehouse Systems smuggles in DJs from beyond the city’s borders to break bread with a hotbed of Detroit technicians and selectors. Their locations are secret, emerging and vanishing like cities. Crystal sound, impromptu structures, and curious visions punctuate these obscure gatherings. Guerilla forces follow them, filling dance floors with rhythmic bodies from the darkest hours of night until dawn twilight. When the threat of day comes, they scatter leaving no trace of their presence, and no guarantee of their return. Listen for the signal: https://www.instagram.com/warehouse_systems/ https://www.facebook.com/WarehouseSystemsDetroit https://soundcloud.com/warehousesystems
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