Studio 54½hrs {Non-Stop at The White Hotel}

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  • 54 ½ hours… For the first time ever on UK soil… 3270 minutes… An event like no other. 196200 seconds… Over three days. Start the clock… ---------- Part 1. P13 X 18 Fri 23rd July {10pm} - Sat 24th July {4pm} 10 years of P13 for 18hrs. Line-up not-TBA. Addled adulthood has been reached. ---------- Part 2. The Art of Crime/The Crime of Art presents ~ MUSCLE Sat 24th July {4pm} - Sat 24th July {11.59pm} A screening of MUSCLE followed by a Q&A with Gerard Johnson (Dir). Ft. a live set by Luke Byron Scott and VENDEL sound-tracking the before/after. With nightmare clarity, we watched the world filmed inside a dying organism. Then went home to sleep. ---------- Part 3. $HOTTA RAVE Sat 24th July {11.59pm} - Sun 25th July {6pm} TOM BOOGIZM ALL-NIGHT-LONG. w/ back-room support from Mother, DJ Lyster, Acidhousedeathsquad + Annabel Fraser. Push the locals to the limit. ---------- Part 4. TWH Presents ~ ROLY PORTER {live} + FLORA YIN-WONG {live} w/ CONOR THOMAS {dj} & Hesska {dj} Sun 25th July {6pm} - Mon 26th July {4.30am} ~ {live} 8pm - 11pm | {club} 11pm – 4.30am Among all the stones in the sky and the folk in the air, there is nothing like you. The bigger minutes are ours to behold. ---------- TWH PASSPORT In the year of our lord 2021, as we approach Freedumb Day, the sick minds in government want another piece of us. What now? We need a favour off you. In order to avoid the weekend variant, we ask that all ticketholders provide ONE of the following as a condition of entry: · Proof of negative (-) Lateral Flow or PCR test within the past 48 hours, either by providing the text/email or by bringing the test itself if you don't fancy registering. Get a load of free tests, online or from your local pharmacy · Already had it and recovered? Bring proof of a positive (+) PCR test within the past 180 days (text/email or cert) · If you've been double-jabbed just bring your jab-card or cert · Or bring your NHS Covid Pass Please do not come to THE WHITE HOTEL if you are displaying any of the Covid-19 symptoms or you test positive (+). We'll make sure you get your money back if you can't attend. As standard, please bring some form of ID with your ticket and allow extra time for processing at the front door. For those unable to undertake the above for any health-related reasons (or similar) you can contact [email protected] to discuss further. S'long as we stick to this plan on the outside, on the inside we can experience LIFE again. Remember, together we grow louder.
  • Studio 54½hrs {Non-Stop at The White Hotel} - Flyer front