• It feels so good to be finally back at our hearlucinogenic home, The Lion & Lamb after such a long haitus. Picking up from where we left off, we bring together good music, good vibes and good people to celebrate us being back on the factory floor going to WERK & doing what we love and have so dearly missed. To help navigate your aural adventure and sonic safari, esteemed resident Tristan da Cunha has called on the services of one of his favourite people on the planet. A dude's dude , a D.J's D.J , The dollar bin king, The editor predator, the Rock to your Roll ... the man himself recently back in the UK, armed to the teeth ... YES indeed.... Mister JONNY ROCK. This will be Jonny's first gig since BC (before corona) so you can be guaranteed he's got some tasty treats and exclusives to play us. Add to that this will be one of the first events at the Lion and Lamb where dancing will not only be allowed but for this date will be compulsory. We hope that you can join us for a much needed loosening of the limbs ... as always tickets are very limited with numbers being reduced in the venue to align with government rules. So don't procrastinate ...... just Hearlucinate.
  • Hearlucinate - Flyer front
    Hearlucinate - Flyer back