Mesmarize 05

  • Mesmarize is Mesma Records' event series dedicated to live electronic music. Come join us at Trans-pecos for an evening excursion into the moody regions of electronic and experimental music. Performers: ╬ Bookworms Nicholas Dawson (Bookworms) is a Los Angeles-born, New York-based electronic composer who produces and performs sound works under the name Bookworms. His work is often concerned with various modes of representation and interpretation through audio and non-linear living sonic histories. By way of advanced synthesis, generative sequencing and audio collage, Dawson accesses detuned realities, and conjures harmonics, rhythms and ghosts of the truths which they have come to signify across time and space through repetition...a multi-dimensional blues. ∴ Matt Evans Matt Evans is a Brooklyn based artist, composer, and percussionist producing recordings, cross-disciplinary productions, and sculptural sound installations through an eco-fictional lens. As a solo artist, Evans produces drum performances and installations that capture the inexpressible absurdity of supermassive phenomenon (e.g. “global warming” or “the internet”) with a focus on the fearlessness of the human individual in the face of such circumstances. ○ Testu Collective Testu Collective are an NYC-based intermedia art group founded by Dan Tesene and Serena Stucke in 2017. Testu create experimental videos, concept soundtracks, and audiovisual installations/performances. Currently the collective consists of an evolving group of movement artists, musicians, visual artists, and designers. The collective’s goal is to liberate imaginations through unique collaborations with artists in sound, movement, and video. ≡ Gabor + Dovetail Co-founder of Mesma Records, Gabor will be performing original compositions accompanied by Dovetail on the saxophone. Live visuals by Paloma Kop & Testu Collective.
  • Mesmarize 05 - Flyer front