Watergate Fridays at Sage Beach

  • The event will take place in accordance with the current distance, mask and hygiene regulations. * Please bring an up-to-date negative COVID-19 test result. * You have to check in with Luca App to enter Sage Beach. * Please arrive wearing your mask, covering your mouth and nose sufficiently. Watergate Fridays is offering space for dreamers & drinkers, a safe haven for the hard and the equally lazy workers, who need to start their weekend with a bang to the second. Sage Beach, a little paradise that invites you to dance, to switch off, to discuss and to fumble every summery Friday from 16.00 to midnight. Behind the decks we will be welcoming rising artists with a raw, unsmoked sound, Watergate regulars and residents, who are waiting like hungry lions in their caves, to finally make that soundsystem ROARRR again. VVK: 12€
  • Watergate Fridays at Sage Beach - Flyer front