Anthony Naples - Black Rave Culture: James Bangura - Amal - DJ Nativesun - Earth Beat

  • Friday July 9, 2021 Flash Bar 8PM • Green Room 9PM • Club 10PM Advance Tickets on sale Thursday June 24th @ noon Tickets: In a handful of years, Anthony Naples has consistently built and increased his reputation as a unique, underground artist hailing from NYC while simultaneously co-founding the influential Incienso record label, which has become home to artists such as Call Super and DJ Python. As a producer, his early work was associated with the burgeoning outsider house scene in the United States and has diversified in recent years to include Ambient, Techno, Deep House, and as well as experimental styles while keeping his attention to the dancefloor. His crowning glory to date, Body Pill, was released in 2015 on FourTet’s Text label and after a number of cult EPs on Miter Saturday Night and The Trilogy Tapes, his reputation soared as someone to take notice of. His music has received attention from The Guardian, The New York Times, and Resident Advisor, the latter of which placed his debut single "Mad Disrespect" and album "Body Pill" in their best of the year lists. He is joined by Black Rave Culture in the Club Level. DJ’s and producers James Bangura, Amal, and DJ Nativesun make up the collective and label, Black Rave Culture. This marks their debut at Flash. Also making their Flash debut on this night are NYC-based trio named Earth Beat. Earth Beat is the collective musical efforts of Greg Droggitis (Gee Dee), Latane Hughes (Fundido), and Extra Andrew (Extra Water). What began as a radio show broadcast out of Brooklyn eventually expanded to a party hosting the likes of Jex Opolis, Millos Kaiser, Daniel T and more. Earth Beat are now residents at Good Room in Brooklyn and are coming off their sold out weekender in upstate NYC at Glen Falls House which hosted sets from Ivan Berko, Lloyd, Universal Cave and more. Club Level: Anthony Naples (Incensio | NYC) Black Rave Culture (Amal + James Bangura + DJ Nativesun) Green Room: Earth Beat (Good Room | NYC) ANTHONY NAPLES: Anthony Naples is a New York City based musician, producer, and DJ, as well as co-owner of the Incienso and Proibito record labels. Naples, who grew up listening to Miami Bass in his hometown and later got into experimental electronic music -- Debuted in 2012 with the "Mad Disrespect" EP, A Mellow, slightly vaporous track with clever sample usage. During the next couple of years, additional EP's materialized on labels like Rubadub, City2-St Giga and Will Bankhead's label The Trilogy Tapes. Body Pill, his first full length album, was released on Four Tet's Text label, and his second album, Take Me With You was released in late 2018 on french label Good Morning Tapes, marking a significant step for Naples, expanding his range of styles -- touching on trip-hop, psychedelic pop, ambient house, and much more along the way. Incienso and Proibito released critically acclaimed albums from both DJ Python (Dulce Compania, 2017) and Huerco S.' (For Those Of You... 2016), as well as many other essential EP's from the New York City underground dance music scene and beyond. There are few boundaries between House, Techno, Italo, Disco, Miami Bass, Chill Out, and other strains of dance music -- all of which, in turn, influence Anthony as a DJ, and in his residency at NYC dance institution Nowadays.
  • Anthony Naples - Black Rave Culture: James Bangura - Amal - DJ Nativesun - Earth Beat - Flyer front