Akasha Festival

  • Venue
    Bergheider See
    • Bergheider Straße 4, 03238 Lichterfeld-Schacksdorf
  • Date
    13 Aug 2021
    Fri 15:00 - Sun 22:00
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  • Attending
    • 11
  • ◎ TICKETS ◎ Capacity is strictly limited and currently sold-out. ◎ SPIRIT ◎ On 13–15 August 2021, Akasha Festival reassembles as an ethereal space in Brandenburg, where carefully curated, multifaceted electronic music fuses with the compelling visual and sensorial experiences of its stunning natural surroundings. In a very intimate and immersive environment centered around a long-abandoned watermill, we’ll be exploring a wide range of sounds by artists shaping today’s electronic music landscape, with nourishment and entertainment as diverse and plentiful as their sets. To enjoy a carefree camping weekend with you, our community, we promote a tolerant, respectful and inclusive atmosphere free from discrimination. Let’s gather – to elevate each other together! ◎ LOCATION ◎ Introducing a very special guest: Bergheider See. That's right, we're moving location to Lichterfeld, roughly the same distance by Bassliner from Berlin, easier to reach by train and close to Kolkwitz. After months of negotiating our permits in Kolkwitz, this week it became apparent that we'd be stuck in limbo indefinitely with a chance of having to cancel Akasha altogether. That's clearly not an option for us and luckily we've been granted the use and permits at this brilliant new site, with the added bonus of a huge refreshing lake right on the doorstep of our Forest and Beach stages. Ready to dive in? Akasha Festival 2021 will take place at Bergheider See, Lichterfeld. ◎ MORE INFO ◎ www.akashafestival.de www.instagram.com/akasha_festival
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