[CANCELLED] Pub Tropicana Saves The Summer - Part 12


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[CANCELLED] Pub Tropicana Saves The Summer - Part 12

Studio 338
Sun, 18 Jul
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  • Pub Tropicana returns to save the summer. Well, the powers that be decided to delay the full opening of nightclubs and festivals by a month….. But they should know by now that they won’t beat us and they won’t stop us enjoying our lives!!! Enter Pub Tropicana to save the Summer (again) - expect it to be a bigger, better final month of our famous SD funfest. Open air, groups of 30, cocktails, special guests, EUROS Screenings and loads more to ensure we make the very best of the situation ✌🏻🥂☀️ Don’t let it get you down too much guys. We will have a brilliant July and it will just make our first moments on the dancefloor even more special ❤️