Common x Gofa: A Moment In Between

  • partners with the Guild Of Future Architects (GoFA) to celebrate science-fiction author Octavia Butler and the legacy of her Afrofuturist artistry, with performances from KMRU, Suzi Analogue and more.
  • is partnering with the Guild of Future Architects (GoFA) to host a virtual celebration of Octavia Butler and the legacy of her Afrofuturist artistry from June 18-19, 2021. Centered around GoFA's Traveling the Interstitium WebXR experience, the event will feature film screenings, DJ sets, music performances, panel conversations, and open discussions streamed in the COMMON Multiverse, titled A Moment In Between (AMIB). GoFA's Traveling the Interstitium with Octavia Butler debuted at Sundance 2021 and was crafted by five visionary Black artists: creative technologist idris brewster, transmedia artist Stephanie Dinkins, researcher Ari Melenciano, Academy Award nominated filmmaker Sophia Nahli Allison, and creator of Random Acts of Flyness Terence Nance. "Traveling the Interstitium with Octavia Butler is perhaps the most emblematic of what New Frontier stands for: Highlighting the work of artists unwilling to confine themselves within comfortable limits of narrative moving image, instead opting to communicate more thoughtfully through rigorously constructing new mediums altogether..." says Natalia Keogan for Paste Magazine. Paired with the interactive Interstitium experience will be a virtual stage, or ‘Planet’, curated by GoFA. Musical performances by DJ Zaida, [MONRHEA], FLUID and multi-instrumentalist Akoth Jumadi will adjoin a short film by Regina Hoyles, with panel conversations interspersed throughout. Panels on this Planet will include artivist Mia Imani Harrison leading a Clubhouse-style discussion about dreaming as liberatory practice, while label owner Sky Deep and ethical entrepreneur Abigail Jamison Clark will talk about art, activism, and value in their session. Other Planets will be orbiting around, featuring 24 hours of live-streamed content from the Currents community and beyond. One of the Planets managed by Sentient.Art.Film will feature film screenings curated by Keisha Knight. Planet ‘Place of Cool Water’ will feature works from the Nairobi art scene including a tour of the Kraal Heritage ‘Art in Isolation’ exhibition, live DJs at the Muringa studios with Santuri East Africa and poetic videos, DJs, and at the National Museum of Kenya.The ‘Temporal Fluctuation’ Planet will stream re-broadcasts of sets from KMRU, Nabalayo, DJ MT and more that have been featured in previous editions of COMMON, while new sets from Jackie Queens, Monty Luke, DJ Raph and others will premiere for the first time at the ‘A Moment In Between’ Planet. Throughout the weekend, thinkers like Neema Githere and Stephanie Dinkins will participate in panel discussions and open conversations around topics ranging from Pan-Africanism to the legacy of Afrofuturism in music. Other highlights from the event will include a livestream of New World Dysorder x We Are The Ones' Juneteenth rave featuring Jasmine Infiniti and other DJs building power and safety for Black and Brown trans femmes. And in “Tropical Modernism in Isaleko,” a 3D art installation by Ihu Anyanwu a.k.a G.rizo linking the cities of Detroit and Lagos, attendees will contemplate the surviving and defunct tropical modernist architecture of Isaleko while listening to classic Detroit cuts and the Lagos soundscape.
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