Rhythm Büro: Natura 2021

  • Venue
    Secret Forest Location (30 km Outside From Kyiv)
    • Kyiv 001
  • Date
    7 Aug 2021
    Sat 13:00 - Sun 18:00
  • Promoter
    Rhythm Büro
  • Attending
    • 55
  • Please purchase ticket(s) in advance in order to get notified about the exact location (~30 km from Kiev) where the event will be held. You will get the GPS directions over both email and SMS one day ahead of Natura event. Please note that the location is reachable both by taxi and by arranged transfer bus. The schedule of the shuttle buses, the exact pickup point, and other details will be available on our pages one day prior to the event. www.facebook.com/rhythmburo www.instagram.com/rhythmburo https://t.me/rhythmburo TICKETS: http://rhythmburo.com *** In order to experience what we’ve prepared for you in full extent, we strongly recommend bringing over a tent. The camping site will be specifically arranged next to the event location. Please also don’t forget that partying in the forest is not the same as going out to the club - DO bring warm clothes and comfortable footwear. Please be respectful towards mother nature and pay extra attention to the rules of the event listed on the ticket.
  • Rhythm Büro: Natura 2021 - Flyer front