Mystagogia in the Forest

  • There’s secret forces that hold the universe together. They’re translated into myths and tales of some supernatural existence. As long as we’ve inhabited earth, we’ve met in places to justify and admire the universe in us. We’ve met in rituals and ceremonies, over and over again, to stand in awe and admiration of what made this up. In every culture and for all the time of our humane existence, we form clusters of shared visions, dancing under the moon, laughing with the Gods, getting drunk with music. We call you into a primitive celebration of our return to the dancefloor in production. One to dance under the moon and the sun. Far away from what resembles today, into the forest where the mystical meets our liberation. You are invited to a dance party till after the sunrise, the first after a long time of waiting, with the most exquisite local artists and cosmic set-up under the starlight. Location: TO BE DISCLOSED CLOSER TO THE DATE OF THE EVENT Things have changed, society has changed, hopefully for the better, and so did we. We came up with something fresh, a collaboration born from friendships and common ideologies. From the shadowy corners of techno that TRAP is known for, to the playful melodies that Electronica by Music Element always delivers, we found a balance that was destined to experience. We are planting a hybrid seed and together we will witness its bloom. We are all part of a system and the system matters more than us. Respect the forest as if your life depends on it. Trash belongs in the bin and that includes cigarette buds. Your sunglasses might be a must for the early hours! Drink H2O, love and care for individuals around you. We kindly ask you to not drink and drive, wait enough to feel safe to leave the premises and carpool with as many friends as possible. You are free to camp on site if you wish, given that you are extra cautious with the environment. The location is divine and you are welcome to enjoy it for as long as you like. Make new friends, set up tents, enjoy the outdoors as you desire. FIRES OF ANY KIND ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT ALLOWED. If such an event comes to our attention we will restrict access to individuals involved to any future events held by the organizers. ** GUESTS WHO ENTER MUST SHOW EVIDENCE THAT THEY HAVE BEEN VACCINATED WITH AT LEAST ONE DOSE AND 3 WEEKS HAVE PASSED, OR HAVE BEEN ILL WITH COVID-19 FOR THE LAST 6 MONTHS OR, SHOW A NEGATIVE TEST CERTIFICATE, PCR OR RAPID TEST, VALID FOR 72 HOURS. *** DISCLAIMER – PARTICIPATION TO THE EVENT IS AT PARTICIPANT’S OWN RISK. THE ORGANIZER, PROMOTERS, SPONSORS AND ANY OTHER INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED IN THE ORGANIZATION OF THE EVENT WILL IN NO WAY BE HELD LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF PARTICIPANTS.
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