Terraforma presents Il Quadro di Troisi

  • "Il Quadro di Troisi" is a project by Andrea Noce (Eva Geist) and Donato Scaramuzzi (Donato Dozzy), an enigmatic collaboration between the two Italian musicians, an interweaving of the ethereal voice of Andrea Noce with the dreamlike soundscapes of Donato Scaramuzzi. A colorful ode, full of details and deep intensity, which takes its cue from the Italian disco and Synth Pop tradition. "Il Quadro di Troisi" debuts live for the first time in the park of Villa Arconati - FAR. "Il Quadro di Troisi" is a collaboration between Raster and the Milan-based festival Terraforma. With this release, the first with a purely Italian focus on the label, Raster celebrates its long standing relation with Italy and the Italian audience, encapsulated in the label's project "Electric Campfire" held in Rome for ten years. Terraforma is an international experimental and sustainable music festival taking place since 2014 in the park of Villa Arconati, where Dozzy has been invited at every edition in different forms, DJing, live performing both in solo and with Voices from the Lake (together with Neel). Cover pictures by Guido Gazzilli.
  • Terraforma presents Il Quadro di Troisi - Flyer front