Electric Bricnic 2021

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    Julia Louise Knifefist, Rory Sweeney, N I T E F I S H, Fomorian Vein, ροηχι, TCXL, Maria Fox, Rebecca Locke, Haizi, Doubting., Scars of Juliet, Into the Red, MothMom, Heather and The Cry Club, Yung Beads, saber,
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  • Electric Bricnic 2021: Minecraft Music Festival for MASI Electric Bricnic is a small music festival being hosted in Minecraft. It is a charity event, with all proceeds going to MASI. It will be streamed on Twitch, where donations can be made. Donating the minimum amount of 1 euro will prompt you to send us your Minecraft account name and ensure you are whitelisted into the Minecraft Server (electricbricnic.ie). Here are the important details: - You MUST be playing Minecraft Java Edition; console versions of the game will not work. - You must donate the minimum amount to be whitelisted; anyone can watch the stream if they wish but this is a requirement for entry to the server. - Music WILL NOT be played in Minecraft (we did try); the stream will host the music while people can attend the venue in Minecraft and listen through the stream, having their own perspective of the festival world. - If you display hateful behaviour in the Minecraft Server or Twitch/Minecraft chats, you will be immediately banned. We have a massive line-up and a very cosy venue prepared. Doors open 5:30pm so come join us on https://www.twitch.tv/nohomerecords and in Minecraft if you can!
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