Unsound 2021: dəəp authentic

  • Venue
    TBA - Krakow
    • Krakow
  • Date
    13 Oct 2021
    Wed 12:00 - Mon 06:00
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  • Attending
    • 10
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    K Allado-McDowell (USA) Angel Bat Dawid (USA) AceMoMA (USA) Aaron Benanav (USA) Eartheater & Phoenix Ensemble (USA/PL) - special presentation Danny L. Harle presents The Harlecore Experience with live visuals by Sam Rolfes (UK/USA) - premiere Interdependence, with Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst (USA/DE) Zosia Hołubowska & Julia Giertz present: Community of Grieving (PL) - premiere Annea Lockwood presents: Piano Burning (NZ) Monster (PL) Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe presents Candyman (USA/PL) - premiere LSDXOXO (USA/DE) - European live premiere Julek Płoski (PL) - A/V show premiere RP Boo b2b SHERELLE (UK) - premiere Shackleton & Zimpel present The Spirit Still Remains (UK/PL) - premiere Kuba Szreder (PL) Weavings, conceived with Nicolás Jaar - live premiere Hubert Zemler & Miłosz Pękala & Grzegorz Tarwid (PL) - premiere + More to be announced!
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  • The pandemic has left us isolated and atomised, yet also more virtually connected than ever. Relationships, money, art and governance are contained inside our laptops and on digital tokens. Social bubbles spawn speculative ones, and vice versa. As parts of the world begin to transition into a new phase, in which many are vaccinated, our year-plus-long immersion in virtual living is raising new questions. The theme of Unsound 2021, which takes place between October 13th and 17th, is dəəp authentic—our response to a hyperreal situation. dəəp authentic also refers to the gradual shift back from online to IRL events, a phrase that involves a questionable binary—for the online world is also ‘real’, and the IRL has long been digitised, distributed and mediated. We are now taking careful steps towards planning Unsound 2021 in physical spaces in Kraków, an event that this year will be far more compact and more local, yet which nevertheless raises the question of what it will feel like to gather in a room with other bodies to enjoy music again, as well as share thoughts and ideas in person.
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