Interlaced Live with Martin Blaize & Nick Fernandez

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    Martin Blaize Nick Fernandez
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  • Hey what’s up family? Trust all is well with you. Looks like lockdown is beginning ease and places are starting to re-open, however we are not quite there yet. So, in order for us to connect and spread our Musical vibe, we bring you another Live Streaming session via MixCloud LIVE. This month we are proud to welcome two amazing DJs that we have been working with for such a long time, that they are part of the family. First up we have the main man at Mixed Emotions Music… our brother Nick Fernandez. Nick is renowned for is wonderful Soulful, Uplifting House beats. He is also has very popular show on the mighty Next, we will be treated to the powerful Underground sounds of our brother, DJ Martin Blaize. who has set the Mi Casa dancefloor alight, on more than one occasion. You can also catch Martin live on FOAM Radio, doing what he loves best… entertaining you with Music. This going be an amazing session as we have a little banter with the DJs to hear what they have been up to and also get some background info on how it all started for them. We so can’t wait xx As usual we will be broadcasting live from the Doin it Studios, who will be producing some greatest visuals we have ever seen, along with your outstanding host ... Steve Scorpz. So, take note of the date, share with your friends and get your home sound systems ready!!!! Hit the MIXCLOUD button under Promotional links below or go to: Love Col +P, Mi Casa, Doin it Productions xx