CTX x Drop Art: Phil:0sophy (90 Mins) + Minor Forms

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    Phil:osophy (90 mins) Minor Forms Elrobo Subtext Qua Rush b2b Alpho Benny C b2b Tom Careless Hosted by: Bazil Line Fire Mr Rave TJ Hooka Sydney
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  • All crews! It's been SO LONG! We've had to bin off so many plans in recent times, but we're finally back in the party game and very excited to bring you a very special night this October with our good friends at Context Audio. Headlining the event are Phil:osophy (Philth + Phil Tangent) playing an extended 90min set. Gassed is an understatement! Also gracing the console will be Minor Forms, Elrobo, Subtext, plus Qua Rush and the rest of the Drop Art residents. On mic duties we're very excited to have Sydney, plus Drop Art favourites Bazil, Line Fire, and Mr Rave TJ Hooka. Fans of quality underground dnb will not want to miss this - capacity is VERY limited so don't snooze! --- About our headliners.... Phil:osophy is a meeting of minds, a meeting of Phils, and a meeting of…. Paulines!? Phil Tangent and Philth were first introduced by Artificial Intelligence over a beer at Soul in Motion. Realising they had a lot of love for each other’s back catalogues, they decided to try out a few collabs and see how it felt… their first ever track ‘Remember’ went on to be premiered on UKF and hit 100,000+ streams, and the debut EP ‘Heavy Hearts’ was launched on BBC Radio 1 by Friction. This was quickly followed by a remix for Artificial Intelligence on the iconic Metalheadz and a series of EP’s for their home label Integral Records. 2021 started with a mix on Radio 1’s Wind Down showcasing their influences and forthcoming future music – with 30+ tracks written in the last 6 months they are primed for a burst of releases for Integral and beyond. https://soundcloud.com/dnbphilosophy/bbc-radio-1s-wind-down-presentsintegralrecords-philosophy Their work as a duo marries melancholy harmonies, sparkling melodies and haunting vocals with sharp drums and thick basslines. Together they have forged a path of deep, rolling, liquid which never forgets the soul foundations that liquid funk was born on. Phil:osophy is cutting edge nostalgia from two men who pour their emotions into their music. Despite never working together in the same studio they have formed a tight brotherhood based on a love of beers and their close-knit families – at one such family meeting it was discovered that both their Mums are called Pauline, and then it all made sense. They played their first set together at Sun & Bass and followed with a first official outing at London’s legendary Innersoul, along with appearances at Fabric and Soul in Motion. Together they draw from their vast dub stash, cutting edge future-soul and classics from the golden age of liquid right up to modern favourites. Playing across 4 decks keeps the sets moving rapidly between flavours and is a perfect meeting of their individual styles. --- -> IMPORTANT - VENUE ENTRY REQUIREMENTS <- Here are The Castle's entry requirements. Please read them carefully. To ensure the smoothest entry possible, please have your proof of one of the following: Proof of double vaccination (2 weeks+ after the second jab) Proof of a negative lateral flow test result (within 24 hours of entry). Proof of natural immunity if you’ve recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months. If you have been double vaccinated you will need to present proof on the NHS Covid Pass (https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/covid-pass/). If you require a test, then a text message or email from the NHS ~(https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result) confirming your negative result will need to be shown upon entry. For natural immunity we will accept proof of a positive test in the last six months. Upon completing your lateral flow test, you must upload the result to the NHS Gov portal (https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result)
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  • CTX x Drop Art: Phil:0sophy (90 Mins) + Minor Forms - Flyer front