[CANCELLED] Bizarre Trax & OPIA Records Afters

  • Bizarre Trax & Opia Records Afters As nightclub prohibition draws eagerly to a close, we couldn't be more excited to fully welcome back our beloved and dearly missed dance floors. Craving a distant world of disco debauchery and the affection of our clubland compadres. So, as we aim a stiff middle finger to the memories of lockdown and leave the Boris imposed boycott in the dust trails of the past, come join us for a frolic, celebrating the long lost world of social interaction and musical freedom. This event will follow on from The Cause 3rd Birthday, FB event below. (Breakfast Raver + 11:30 PM Onwards tickets still available) https://www.facebook.com/events/252713979628702 Line up includes residents and secret special guests, so don't miss it! Limited tickets. First come, first serve.
  • [CANCELLED] Bizarre Trax & OPIA Records Afters - Flyer front