Imbue 4.1: The Equinox Re-Stream

  • Streaming only at v4.1 im·bue | im-ˈbyü -v 1. inspire or permeate with (a feeling or quality). 2. An Ambient Experience based in Detroit, MI May 7th, 2021 - Starting at 12PM EST With musicians (a-z order) Charles Trees Detroit Bureau of Sound ( Live ) Jakob Harris Joe Sousa ( Hybrid ) Jorissen ( Hybrid ) Jus Light bender ( A/V ) Malzof Otodojo ( Live ) Swati and visual artists Bedroom Light Show Chloé Hajjar Josh Felice Julie Malice Justine Smith Lightning Buug Shann White We would not be here today if it were not for donations to previous streams. Proceeds will be split and sent to the artists following this restream and a portion of the proceeds will be sent to Charity Music. Charity Music is a Detroit Metro Area nonprofit whose mission is to help cultivate the next upcoming group of young artists by providing musical instruments, at no charge, to at-risk and disadvantaged youth wishing to explore their hidden talents. If you wish to learn more or donate directly, info is here: Thank you for being a part of this community. For the art, with love, -Imbue
  • Imbue 4.1: The Equinox Re-Stream - Flyer front
    Imbue 4.1: The Equinox Re-Stream - Flyer back