Sock It To Me: Alec Falconer, Dr Banana, Desert Sound Colony, Harry Wills

  • Every ticket comes with a limited edition pair of "Sock It To Me" socks designed by the one and only Dr Banana. They will be handed out at the night and will not be available for delivery after the rave. There will be 40 tickets left on the door so get down early if you wanna shimmy all around the dance floor with us. ----------------------------------------------------------------- “Good evening madam, what can I get you?” The door swung shut, dinging the small bell above it and waking Anna more than man’s question. “Oh, err hey mate, sorry. Err, yeah, what have you got that’s vegetarian please?” “Well, the haloumi wrap is very popular…” said the man, starting a lengthy description but Anna’s thoughts were still a million miles away. She was running on autopilot. Processing everything that Sophie had just told her on the phone. “...and it’s finished with our own homemade chilli infused relish.” Anna tuned back in, “Sure that sounds great. Thanks mate”. She turned to the table nearest the counter, placed the large blue Ikea bag on the chair beside her and sat down. It was late and she was the only person in the restaurant. The man’s phone was resting on the plug socket that it was charging from and pumping out some very tinny music; it was almost impossible to tell what it was. Anna looked at the bag next to her and pulled out Ziggy’s Bose Minilink Speaker. She put it on the table in front of her. “Hey mate, would you like a little upgrade to your soundsystem?” she asked. The man walked round the counter carrying her dinner. “Wow, is it working?” “Yeah, it works fine. And you’re welcome to it. It’s a gift.” “Wow, thank you” said the man, setting down her tray. Anna turned to start her dinner and knocked one of her Rosemary & Sea-Salt chips from the table. Instinctively, she bent down to pick it up. “I like your socks” she said. Looking up at the man who was inspecting his new Bose Minilink Speaker. He pulled up his trouser leg to reveal the full white sock with the words ‘Pull Up” written on the side. “I got them at a clubnight”, the man said, giving her a warm smile. She paused. Then – assuming that something had been lost in translation – continued what she was saying, “My boyfr…” she paused to swallow her first mouthful. “Excuse me, my ex-boyfriend. He was really into trainer collecting. And socks too. He’d have absolutely loved those.” The man looked quite pleased with this news. “Oh great. Yes, these are my favourite socks. I would buy 100 pairs but they are limited edition. Only one per customer at the clubnight.” He let the leg of trouser drop back towards his blue Croc, “the party is happening again tonight though. I will go.” Anna raised an eyebrow. She was only half listening and certainly not understanding what he was saying. She continued regardless, “So this bag is all his bits. That was his speaker because he couldn’t stand the music at my house. And believe it or not, the rest of this is mainly socks. All different designers. He even paid £40 for a pair of LIDL socks on eBay. What a tosspot.” “Anyway, he’s not getting any of them back now. Not after what Sophie has just told me on the phone.” Anna realised that this man had no idea who Sophie was but she was on a role and not about to slow down. The man stopped her, “so you have no need for all these socks?!”. “Nah, I’m gonna bin ‘em” replied Anna. The man pulled out the chair opposite her, sat on it and looked straight into her eyes. “You have to come to the party tonight... the sock party…they are running it in a Pickle Factory. I went to the last one and it was fantastic. Best party ever. DJs… playing real records. It was kind of like dance-music stuff but with more air-horns.” The man continued to gush, recounting each detail of the party. “Everybody was dancing. There was a man on the microphone called Mr McStride and you could text his mobile phone if you wanted him to say your name on the microphone. And...and...and they gave out free socks.” “Free socks?” asked Anna. The man was not making much sense but she’d gleaned the essentials of the party and the concept sounded rock solid. The man continued, “...and even better, tonight they will be collecting socks and other clothes for homeless people at the party. So you can donate this whole bag of your ex-boyfriend’s stuff to a good cause.” Anna ate her final chip, looked down at the bag and then back to the man. “Fair enough. Do you want a hand clearing up here first?”
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