Sēkwens // Function [A\V] (UK Debut), Efdemin [DJ Set], Etapp Kyle [DJ Set] and Nonotak [A\V]

  • A night of audio/visual, deep techno exploration with some of the best in the game.
  • // Announcing the second instalment of sēkwens at one of East London’s most diverse cultural venues sēkwens is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to exploring the deep connection and integration of light, sound, space, and motion through music, new media installations, and digital performances // // One of techno’s true underground heroes, Function will present the UK debut of his Existenz Audio-visual performance German music master Efdemin will be leading the crowd, followed by allusive sound creator Etapp Kyle and experimental A\V duo Nonotak // --- // Line up (A-Z) DJ Set // Efdemin Etapp Kyle Audio/Visual Performance // Function [Existenz A\V] - UK Debut NONOTAK [ECLIPSE A\V] - UK Debut // The order of performance NONOTAK [ECLIPSE A\V] Function [Existenz A\V] Efdemin [DJ Set] Etapp Kyle [DJ Set] --- Function // For over two decades, Function has dominated the underground scene from the early days of electronic music in New York to UK and Berlin today. At the forefront of the major shift in producing quality sound, Function is known for his high energy technno. Hypnotic sounds and a matching allusive visuals will fill his unforgettable set. Efdemin // Renowned German musician and long time resident of Berghain, Efdemin has changed the future of techno. He is a leader of musical science and digitalisation, creating moving psychedelic house and techno. Focusing on multiple forms of the avant-garde, his 2019 album ‘New Atlantis’ is based on the 17th Century novel of the same name. Famous for his experimental compositions, he leads the dance floor with a mesmerising show. NONOTAK // Nonotak is the collaboration between illustrator Noemi Schipfer and architect musician Takami Nakamoto. Together, they create ethereal audiovisual installations and concepts combining sound, visuals and kinetic energy. Using their signature geometric light displays and shadowy silhouettes, their ambient music style captures the space they are in. Etapp Kyle // Ukrainian musician and DJ Etapp Kyle blends his obsession of the spatial qualities of sound with dark techno kicks. Etapp Kyle specialises in the technicality of sound, creating a ultra-precise electronic style. Focusing on more than the aesthetics, he creates intense yet beautiful experiences. --- Venue // East London’s Village Underground was forged out of disused train carriages, container blocks and a Victorian viaduct. Today it is a cultural hub in London’s creative community for artists across the world to host their talent. The industrial space will house sēkwens’ urban display of the eclectic audiovisual experience.
  • Sēkwens // Function [A\V] (UK Debut), Efdemin [DJ Set], Etapp Kyle [DJ Set] and Nonotak [A\V] - Flyer front