Guts (DJ Set) + David Walters (Live)

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    Guts (DJ Set) David Walters (Live)
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  • Fabrice Franck Henri, otherwise known as Guts, is a French producer and DJ who has enjoyed a cult following ever since his debut release Le Beinheureux a decade ago. 2011's follow up Paradise For All and 2014's Hip Hop After All cemented his name as a worldwide talent who mixes jazz, soul and hip hop to devastating effect. But his crowning work is his Beach Diggin' series, a collection of blissfully hidden gems that have been used as a gold mine by the likes of Motor City Drum Ensemble, Jeremy Underground and other seasoned selectors. He plays alongside David Walters to kick start your Saturday evening
  • Guts (DJ Set) + David Walters (Live) - Flyer front