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    Alex Conde – piano (Valencia/NYC) Nino de los Reyes – dance (Madrid/Guadalajara)
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  • Every other Friday 20:00 at our Cultural Salon in Friedrichshain (Live Streaming Concert) Each event will host a concert & a solo art exhibition, transmitted live through our website and other social media. Alex Conde – piano (Valencia/NYC) and Nino de los Reyes – dance (Madrid/Guadalajara) are two of the most innovative figures in the current flamenco scene. The two have been collaborating on different projects for the past 15 years, however this will be the first time they perform a full show as a duet. Both Conde and Reyes were born into a family of flamenco tradition and grew up in a musicians/dancers house respectively. They each have taken this deep knowledge and vastly expanded on it with their own vocabulary, branching into jazz, classical, and latin music working with such giants as Chick Corea, Jamey Haddad, John Santos and many others. To hear and see these two playing together, stretching and reaching, challenging and complimenting each other is a singular event, a feeling of experiencing a force of nature.