Dark Fiend Club HE

  • Hello fiends! On the next Dark Fiend Club we'll have two more awesome guests. As always you can watch on Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/maldorormusic Or on Youtube - https://youtu.be/PdWslZ2BzGA And the guests are the following: Monsieur Bovary (Portugal) Monsieur Bovary is born from the need for expression during pandemic times, in which the whole cultural world seems to disappear before our eyes. As explained by Gaultier, "Bovarism" consists of a romantic dissatisfaction with reality, an inversion of perspective. It demonstrates the inability to assume a critical position towards fiction. An abyss that opens up between the real and the fictional, with a dimension that is both tragic and ironic. Being part of different musical projects for over a decade, Monsieur Bovary is the electronic iteration of our youth’s anguish in the format of industrial, hardtech and EBM. Influenced by the new blood of the French scène, by names like Illnurse, I Hate Models, Viper Diva and Orgie, Monsieur Bovary is a musician by choice, DJ by necessity and the desire for liberation that we so long for, against the dark times we are living. ** Madson Carpenter (Brazil / Portugal) ** As always Maldoror will be hosting and will prepare 2 DJ sets. Check Social Media links in here: https://linktr.ee/maldorormusic or as always, visit the website: https://www.maldorormusic.com Ver menos
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