MUTEK ES+AR - Hybrid Edition

  • TICKETS: From May 3-9,2021, the 12th edition of MUTEK Barcelona will be presented in a hybrid format (physical events in different venues in Barcelona, retransmitted online). This edition will be held jointly with our partners in Buenos Aires, MUTEK AR, and will be accompanied by performances from the other headquarters of the MUTEK International Network with their Connect programs from Canada, Mexico and Japan. Having faced the unusual panorama that 2020 entailed, MUTEK, at a global level, has been able to turn the circumstances into an opportunity, accelerating the development of its new interconnectivity model through an online platform focused on adapting the "live" experience to the virtual platform: MUTEK ES presents this new edition with optimism and as an act, not only of resilience but, also as a sign of support for the local and international cultural sector. The past edition of the festival, was one of the last events held normally in 2020, and this motivates us to help reignite the flame and passion for festivals - in a #CulturaSegura format - in the country.
  • MUTEK ES+AR - Hybrid Edition - Flyer front