The Garage House - Boat Party

  • Hi All, The Garage House Boat party is almost upon us but before we let our hair down please find a few words from the boat owners with regards to the arrival and boarding on Saturday! Looking forward to seeing everyone, we cannot wait for this............. UPON ARRIIVAL The name of the boat (The Dutch Master) The Garage House Boarding time 11:45 ….departing at Midday sharp, location (Tower Millennium Pier, EC3N 4DT) Return 17:00 Upon arriving at the top of the Pier, passengers are not to make their way down on to the Pier. Instead, can you look for the representative and signage for The Garage House. There will be a queue to the side of the Pier entrance where they will be held at a designated area until the boat is ready to board. Passengers will be escorted down on to Pier by the Security and searches & ID checks will be carried out. When queuing, alcohol is not permitted to be consumed. Please do not turn up drinking. There is a zero tolerance to drugs. The Security reserve the right to confiscate any items found and refuse boarding. No refunds will be given. It is recommended that people have photo ID. Under 18yrs are NOT permitted unless otherwise agreed with the Company. Those deemed to look under 25yrs, are likely to be subjected to ID checks. When queuing, we ask passengers to be orderly and respectful towards other passengers, the neighbouring businesses and residents. These are private venues/land and their entrances are not to be blocked, nor are their customer to be disturbed. The area around the Tower of London is a World Heritage Site and is very busy with tourists/families and sometimes School children. We therefore request that you give consideration to this and behave appropriately. The boat cannot wait for latecomers. It is your responsibility to be there on time. If you miss the boat, there is nothing the Pier Controller can do. They are independent to the boat and must be able to carry on with their duties controlling the Pier. AT THE END OF THE EVENT No drinks are permitted to be taken off the boat It is essential that passengers vacate the Pier orderly and respectfully to the neighbouring business and residents, especially when late and night. We request that you disperse the immediate area at the top of the pier promptly. Any damage or disturbance will not be tolerated. Passengers are to be aware that there is CCTV. Failure to comply will result in your event being jeopardised. The Pier Controller or Security reserve the right to refuse your passengers access on to the Pier. Furthermore, any complaints received from the Pier Controller, neighbouring businesses/residents, or our Security/Crew of you as the Hirer or your customers not complying will see your ‘behaviour/damage deposit’ not being refunded. Complaints may also result in our Operators License being revoked, meaning it is essential we all work together to ensure a smooth process. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. Let’s make it ‘plain sailing’ for all!
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