Sound(ing) Systems - From A Whisper to A Riot

  • Livestream DJ Uta, Sarah Farina and Perera Elsewhere are arguably some of the most constant influential protagonists of the Berlin bass mu- sic scene. Whilst they produce and play across many genres, they are con- sistently connected by the low end of the frequency spectrum. Sarah Farina and Uta organized the Rec Room series of events at the Berlin Club OHM. The stream will be available via the website and A registration is not required. The program is funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH and was created as a complementing program for the Nik Nowak's exhibition Schizo Sonics (13.9.2020 - 15.5.2021) in the Kesselhaus des KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art.
  • Sound(ing) Systems - From A Whisper to A Riot - Flyer front