Reunion - Together is Better with Savio Testa and More

  • The ultimate depiction of creativity and community, REUNION is here to twist the way you party. 

Take the opportunity to discover people like-minded, the true meaning of being together, and to enjoy life through our music and vision. 

REUNION is about going back to the ancient roots, when humans were connected with the nature, the Universe and to each other in an authentical way. Recreating the marvels of existence with a colourful décor and embracing the progress with magical visuals, REUNION is the new concept for musical adventures. 
 Join our gang in the coming back event held at Orange Yard, Soho, on Saturday, 22nd of May 2021. DRESS CODE: free to manifest yourself either by clothes, dance moves or your vibe. Together is better, and your well-deserved payoff after the lockdown is REUNION. THIS IS A SOCIALLY DISTANCED EVENT Here below our terms and conditions: - This is a socially distanced event - The whole group must arrive together between 11pm and 00am - During the event only one person at any one time, from each table, may go to the toilet - The queue on arrival will be socially distanced. - Everyone must use the antibacterial lotion on arrival - All orders for the bar will be taken by waiters. - All payments will be card only - As part of the Government’s Track & Trace program we will retain the contact details for the group buyer for 21 days. - Like all other venues the music will be a little lower than normal so customers don’t have to shout. - Do not attend the event if you have a high temperature or a cough. - Last Entry 1 hour after we open each session - Please sit in your bubble - Terrace ticket holders cannot go to the main room and vice-versa. - IMPORTANT FOR TERRACE TICKET HOLDERS: tickets are not refundable. However, we could make an exception in case of rain. In that case, please send us an email at [email protected] on the event's day.
  • Reunion - Together is Better with Savio Testa and More - Flyer front