Fluid Festival (Postponed)

  • Venue
    • Klingemühle 4, 15848 Friedland (Niederlausitz)
  • Date
    24 Jun 2022
    Fri 16:00 - Sun 23:59
  • Attending
    • 14
  • Fluid Festival aims to create a meeting space for subculture, where dance enthusiasts and lovers of progressive electronic dance music can come together to experience a carefully selected line-up of DJs, live acts and artists, as well as organic rhythm selections, the finest house, technoid ecstasy and moving art installations. At Fluid Festival, behavior or statements that are to be classified as anti-LGBTQ+ or misogynistic are just as little tolerated as racism, anti-Semitism, or sexism. The same applies for exclusion or discrimination based on perceived origin or religion, gender, sexuality or skin color.
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