Fluid Festival

  • The Fluid Festival aims to create a meeting space, where dance enthusiasts and lovers of progressive electronic dance music can come together to experience a carefully selected line-up of DJs, live acts and artists, as well as organic rhythm selections, the finest house, technoid ecstasy and conceptual art installations. At Fluid Festival, neither behaviour or statements that are to be classified as anti-LGTBQIA+ or misogynistic nor any form of racism, anti-semitism or cissexism are tolerated. The same applies for exclusion or discrimination based on origin, religion, ableism, ageism, adultism, lookism or socioeconomic living conditions. There will be an awareness team actively represented at the event and a place of retreat for those need a safer space. Visitors, artists and organizers both agree to act according to our code of conduct, which can be viewed on fluidfestival.de. Day passes available!
  • Fluid Festival - Flyer front