Tanzdemo 'Wem Gehört die Stadt?

  • We have many hard months behind us all. Everything that our city does has been fully paralysed by the Corona crisis. And also, even if there was no alternative to the closures and they were a show of solidarity, thay have taken away our quality of life and shelter. At the same time the rent cap (Mietendeckel) which was won by the tenants‘ movement in Berlin was overturned, and has taken many into the payment crisis. For us it is therefore more than clear: now we are all required to get involved loudly and creatively. With powerful bass, flashing strobes and banging solidarity. For a Berlin in which we call all live well together. For a society in which the costs of the crisis are distributed fairly! Many problems which we have addressed with our dance demo in previous years have become even more visible as a result of Corona. While the real estate lobby are rubbing their hands in anticipation of big profits despite the crisis, social divisions in Berlin have intensified. This is why we support the “Deutsche Wohnen und Co Enteignen” referendum to stand against evictions and rent madness. Particularly in times of crisis profits should not stand above a good life for everyone. In addition, art and culture, which already had to fight for space in the growing city, has its existence threatened by the long closures. We can’t allow this to happen. It is therefore clear to us: the clubs must open again as soon as this is possible in a responsible fashion. For the club culture is part of the identity of our city. This is why we are taking to the streets together with you once more. Against a city in which only the bank balance counts. For a Berlin of cultural and social diversity! This also means celebrating together, taking care for each other. We stand resolutely against unacceptable behaviour and call on everyone to do the same, and if necessary to show civil courage. We do not tolerate any racism, sexism, trans- and homophobia or other forms of hostility at our event. We will observe the current recommendation for social distancing and hygiene rules, and make these known before the event. So, gather your friends and family and come with us on our new route. We will show together that dance and politics are not opposites, but the expression of a society which comes together, interconnects and intervenes. If we don’t change the city, others will do this for us. Win back Berlin! #Tanzdemo #WemgehörtdieStadt #WGDS21 Info at www.kollektiv-kirsch.de
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