Defunct's Return to the Arches

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    Starlight Steve Fen10 Jay Ho Erik-Axel
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  • This event has been rescheduled to 30 July 2021 For our long awaited return from lockdown, we thought we’d bring you an intimate and groove laden party under the arches. As it has been so long, you can trust that the Defunct residents have stockpiled enough ammunition to keep you going until the early hours - don't forget your helmets. You can expect an array of bouncy disco basslines, delicate house chords and pumping electro all night long, as we keep you dancing into the early hours. Line-up: The Defunct Crew, all night long. See you under the arches once again. Defunct X ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A mere 5 minute walk away from the underground station, nestled into a railway arch deep in the heart of Brixton is one of London's most unique arts spaces - Simulacra Studios AKA AIRspace Brixton. 302-304 Barrington Rd, Brixton, London SW9 7JJ
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