Festival of the Deep

  • Bringing together 25 unique and talented artists from around the world for over 48 hours of continuous music, Festival of the Deep aims to do one thing, to capture a feeling; what does it mean to go deeper? Each performer will curate their own sound, exploring their own interpretation of “deep” across genres...whether that means low bass, low frequencies, or something less-technical and more emotive. This event is proudly sponsored by Blue Surge Soap Company and will feature awesome giveaways throughout the event. Through introspection brings insight and music is the perfect catalyst to get you thinking. Festival of the Deep is here for you, to help you answer those lingering questions in your conscious mind, or to simply provide the virtual space to come together with other incredible humans and dance it all out. Let’s explore every emotion that forms in the deep. So strap in and check your O2 levels because we’re headed straight for the Mariana Trench. Set times in (US) PST: * Artist | Set Time | Channel link * Nautick - Fri 1.30pm - www.twitch.tv/nautickofficial R3S0NANC3 - Fri 3.00pm - www.twitch.tv/r3s0nanc3 drooee - Fri 5.00pm - www.twitch.tv/dr00ee SunrYse - Fri 7.00pm - www.twitch.tv/djsunryse Riley Bee - Fri 9.00pm - www.twitch.tv/rileybeemusic tkkttony - Fri 11.00pm - www.twitch.tv/tkkttony Erik Zero - Sat 6.00am - www.twitch.tv/kamikazemixtape Karin Bash - Sat 11.00am - www.twitch.tv/karinbash Sherpa Slim - Sat 1.00pm - www.twitch.tv/sherpaslim Ghostlyfox - Sat 3.30pm - www.twitch.tv/ghostlyfox777 Andrew Fetch - Sat 6.00pm - www.twitch.tv/andrewfetch Osiris Indriya - Sat 8.00pm - www.twitch.tv/osirisindriya Chiyona Indriya - Sat 8.00pm - www.twitch.tv/osirisindriya Camber - Sat 11.00pm - www.twitch.tv/quinquatrus Tweora - Sun 1.00am - www.twitch.tv/tweora Chopper - Sun 3.00am - www.twitch.tv/djchopper DJNoahJuan - Sun 5.00am - www.twitch.tv/djnoahjuan Tantra Thursdays - Sun 7.00am - www.twitch.tv/tantra_thursdays Just Jeremiah - Sun 11.00am - www.twitch.tv/just_jeremiah Taylor Norris - Sun 1.00pm - www.twitch.tv/djtaylornorris RockyYVR - Sun 3.00pm - www.twitch.tv/rockyyvr DJ Slopes - Sun 5.00pm - www.twitch.tv/djslopes Buyzen - Sun 7.00pm - www.twitch.tv/buyzen Mamadre - Sun 9.00pm - www.twitch.tv/mamadre69
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