RA and Asahi Super Dry present: Discover Tokyo

  • RA and Asahi Super Dry bring you Discover Tokyo, the world’s first virtual experience with spatial audio, powered by Club Qu. Viewers around the world will be taken on a journey through Tokyo; via a neon-lit city street to a digital art gallery, finishing at a nightclub. Each space will be soundtracked with original music composed by world-class artists: DJ Nobu, Honey Dijon and Kerri Chandler, mastered using Spatial Audio; surround sound you can hear through any set of headphones. The 45-minute 360 immersive music experience, developed by the creators of the world’s first virtual nightclub; Club Qu, will be on loop for 24 hours from 7pm in Sydney through to Midnight in LA, giving everyone around the world the chance to tune in on the evening of Friday 26 March. No matter where you are in the world, you can Discover Tokyo during these times: AEST: 19:00, Friday 26 March - 19:00, Saturday 27 March GMT: 08:00, Friday 26 March - 08:00, Saturday 27 March EST: 03:00, Friday 26 March - 03:00, Saturday 27 March PST: Midnight, Friday 26 March - Midnight, Saturday 27 March --- Kerri Chandler on 'Discover Tokyo': "Nightlife in Japan is one of the most incredible I have ever seen and had the privilege to be a part of. From Shibuya to the outskirts of Okinawa, Japan is alive with excitement, creativity, dance crews and music lovers. When arriving from the airport, as soon as I see Rainbow Bridge I can't stop smiling. Bars, restaurants and nightclubs are on the next level every time I visit, especially in Tokyo. Around midnight the trains stop running and the clubs stay packed, this is when you will hear the marathon DJ sets from local and international DJs that will last for hours. It's one of my favourite places to perform. The longest I have ever played in Japan was for 16 hours straight. International DJ's are invited often and always made to feel very welcome. Quality is very important in Japan and it shows in everything. It’s intertwined with tradition and showcasing emerging technology as well. Some of the best custom DJ setups and Sound Systems in the world are in Japan. I am very honoured to be a part of the RA x Asahi Super Dry: Discover Tokyo project. I hope that you enjoy it. With Love, Respect and Admiration, Kerri Chandler” --- Discover Tokyo was created to celebrate modern Tokyo, a culture with a thriving art and music scene - and the home of Asahi Super Dry. A Japanese lager with a unique Karakuchi Taste - dry, crisp with a quick clean finish.
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