Common Multiverse Initiative

  • Explore digital platform COMMON with a live performance by Surgeon and DJ sets from Lychee, Hodge and many more in the first instalment of this nine-day event.
  • What began as a project to help explore avenues of support during the global pandemic, became a shared vision of an alternate world in which we could connect together and create a sustainable environment for artists, collectives and grassroots music communities. The last six months has seen eight COMMON events, hundreds of artists, ten thousand participants and tens of thousands of dollars in direct support from over eighty countries and six continents passing through this alternate space — featuring multi-channel audio presentations, audiovisual installations, DJ sets, films, documentaries, live sets, panel discussions, premieres, workshops and many other performances. Marking a new milestone for the project, will begin a series of beta upgrades with a complete redesign, a new set of tools, and a substantial stability enhancement. The new features will lay the groundwork for robust support structures that acknowledge and connect our grassroots communities. “Artists will be able to create their own universes, have more control and options over what they wish to share with the public and personal communities, and how they wish to be supported. This has been one of our main goals — working towards a more sustainable environment for the artist," says Austin Hou, founder. ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩ COMMON is free to attend, but guests are encouraged to subscribe to channels on Currents or send donations that become an artist-distributed chain of support. Guests can explore COMMON by moving from room to room, talking to other listeners, artists and collectives in the public chatrooms, as well as starting video-chats and private chatrooms. COMMON is an open digital space presented by, an ongoing project to create broad support structures for the global music community. The Currents project provides a set of tools through which any member of the music community can create their own digital space.
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