CTM Festival 2021 – Transformation

  • If there is one thing the past year has shown, it is that the grotesque inequalities on this planet – whether social, ecological, or political – cannot be sustained. Amidst a global crisis of equity and of care, can we seize this critical opportunity in order to make some necessary changes? CTM 2021 Transformation explores music and art's functions as a laboratory for bigger questions, asking how they might take part in and build varied and necessary transformations. ONLINE PANDEMIC EDITION As the pandemic changes our means and understanding of connection, CTM 2021 »Transformation« aims to respond to some of the challenges facing arts and culture in these exceptional times. By experimenting with formats and expanding into an online setting, CTM seeks to adapt while preserving important forms of continuity – encouraging connections, supporting ongoing artistic work, and engaging in crucial dialogues. How might music communities find ways to transform towards new, more supportive contexts and equitable existences? The festival is concentrated around core dates of 19–31 January 2021, however be sure to check the special events preceding and spilling over after these days. CTM will also present a follow-up group of hybrid/live events in the second half of 2021. » Full programme / Schedule https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2021/programme/schedule » Discourse talk programme overview https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2021/programme/theory » MusicMakers Hacklab https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2021/programme/practice/musicmakers-hacklab » Learn about special projects https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2021/programme/features » CTM Solidarity Pass While all CTM 2021 events taking place in January and February will take place online and free of charge, you can buy a CTM 2021 Solidarity Pass to support participating artists, and to value their contributions: https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2021/solidarity-pass Join us over live text and voice chat via the CTM Discord server: https://discord.gg/WN55AXdz Don’t forget to also join our Telegram channel or sign up to the CTM newsletter: bit.ly/ctmnewsletter_ › www.ctm-festival.de
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