CTM 2021: Club Qu, Ior50 Studio & CTM Pres »CQ5«

  • CQ5 is a virtual club night regrouping global collectives ArtKB48, Maricas, Papi Juice, Pussy Party, Tortilla, and ZonaEXP and featuring a queer movement archive in the works by IOR50 Studio. Club Qu (aka Club Quarantäne) is a virtual online club that sprung up as the first lockdown hit Europe in spring 2020 with the aim to help fill the void of connection and music that has been lacking during the covid pandemic and quarantines, while looking forward to a future when we can all dance side-by-side again. Modelled quite closely to a real club experience, visitors first enter a virtual line-up, eventually passing a cynical bouncer called Geezer, and a short entry quiz. Once inside, attendees influence the experience through communal interactive goals. Click a button and you can change the lights, or move around an explorable digital interior that includes a Cloakroom which allows you to purchase merch, a Bar which invites you to donate to Covid-19 causes, and a Bathroom which acts as a multi-cubicle chat room. For their collaboration with CTM, Club Qu have teamed up with IOR50 Studio and its founder Sam Aldridge to present a queer motion capture archive within the virtual club’s space. The hetronormative space in which 3D and video game culture exists needs destabilising. Aldrige intends the ever-growing database as an open source tool for artists to use, and as a hub for movement to exist in a space created for those who subvert gender and sexuality »norms,« a place created solely for queer expression. The current collection of open-source motion capture data is available for public download and use here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KB0CVZgbdaJ5x7k2rXVGsXRjmRJ_hR4s?usp=sharing Presented by Resident Advisor.


  • CTM 2021: Club Qu, Ior50 Studio & CTM Pres »CQ5« - Flyer front