Category 4 on Great Circles Radio

  • Category 4 is a monthly broadcast concept from Michael Brunner for GRCR Radio. Each episode is broken into four segments, which are connected in some fashion, but routinely unique in many others. This allows for the drawing of comparisons between otherwise disparate concepts, while simultaneously creating enough creative restrictions to focus the musical selections. We invite our listeners to guess these categories during the show. As an added incentive for participation, the first person to guess the categories during the broadcast will be eligible to win a prize. This month also requires that you identify each of the four category items specifically. Each month will bring new categories and prizes. This episode's prize is a $50 donation to the human rights organization of your choosing! You can submit your answers to [email protected], or via the comments section on the Facebook event page.
  • Category 4 on Great Circles Radio - Flyer front