Hot Mass: Not Mass NYE

  • INFO ABOUT OUR NYE PARTY TIERS (PICK YOURS + JOIN US ONLINE) Full details at, the basics below. All tiers include a donation to our club fund to help Hot Mass see another day. You will be added to our Hot Mass mailing list for future gifts, discounts, exclusive mixes, and someday....real parties! DONATION TIER (INTERNATIONAL) For our international fam, this tier is a simple donation for 15 hours of stream goodness, without merch, as we are unable to ship internationally. SAFETY KIT MERCH TIER (US ONLY) - (1x) Hot Mask (available in 3 size options for your differently-sized faces) - (1x) limited edition Not Mass party towel to wipe up. TINA'S x HOT MASS COCKTAIL TIER (PITTSBURGH ONLY) For our Pittsburgh-based friends, these party packs are inspired by many time-zones, designed by our squad, mixed and bottled by Tina's. Includes limited edition Not Mass party towel to wipe up. Buy as many tiers as you like, and buy early. Purchaser must pick up in person from Tina’s between Dec 29-31. Bottled Cocktail Options: Mate Mezcal Margarita (pst aligned) Rye Manhattan (est oriented) Purple Corpse Reviver (euro timed) Soju Tiki (pacific rimmed) COCKTAIL PACKAGE #1 - "HIGH & DRY" - $40 ------------------------------------------------------------------ NON-ALCOHOLIC. The only place in Pittsburgh to get Brooklyn’s famous White Label Mate + Tina’s Spiced Cherry Cordial. - (1x) Not Mass 2020 ltd edition party towel - (3x) White Label Mate - (3x) Tina's Spiced Cherry Cordial COCKTAIL PACKAGE #2 - "COUCH DANCING" - $60 ------------------------------------------------------------------ - (1x) Not Mass 2020 ltd edition party towel - (1x) 750ml Organic Cava Brut (Spain) - (1x) Tina’s Bottled Cocktail (3 drinks/bottle) COCKTAIL PACKAGE #3 - "DAY TRIPPER" - $120 ------------------------------------------------------------------ - (1x) Not Mass 2020 ltd edition party towel - (1x) 750ml Organic Cava Brut from Spain - (3x) Tina’s Bottled Cocktails (9 drinks) COCKTAIL PACKAGE #4 - "AROUND THE WORLD" - $175 ------------------------------------------------------------------ - (2x) Not Mass 2020 ltd edition party towels - (1x) MAGNUM Organic Cava Brut (Spain) (HUGE) - (4x) Tina’s Bottled Cocktails (12 drinks) Pick up with receipt between 6pm-11pm Dec 29-31 at Tina’s bottle shop window: 4114 Main St, Pittsburgh, PA 15224 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are like us you’ve sorely missed your favorite spot on the dance floor, reuniting with friends and acquaintances while waiting in line for the bathroom, or hearing the thumping of the subs as you walk up the steps to the club. To put this past year that has stressed, strained, and separated us to rest, we’ll be returning to the Hot Mass dance floor for a marathon NYE Not Mass stream and 8 year celebration! Beginning at 3pm ET NYE and continuing for 15 packed hours, we’ll be streaming DJ sets, live sets, and performances/videos from residents, friends, and family. And for the local Pittsburghers, we’ve teamed up with Tina’s and have collaborated on a selection of cocktail party packs for all of you out there to celebrate along with us. Keep your eyes and ears open for forthcoming info on the lineup, Tina’s party pack pre-orders, and how to get your hands on some limited edition Hot Mass merch. We miss you, we love you, and we can’t wait to see and hear you all virtually or otherwise.
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