2020.12.18 Aurora - Peng Label:Dance with US

  • Venue
    Aurora Club
    • 3/F, Tongli Mansion, (South Entrance) No.43 Sanlitun North Street South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100012
  • Date
    Fri, 18 Dec 2020
    22:30 - 05:00
  • Promoter
    Da Bing
  • Attending
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    Pancake Lee  Sun Meng Kimo Eric Lee Kirin
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  • Since Pancakelee, the founder of PENG label, proposed to move the DJ booth to the dance floor and connect all the mixer Pancakelee finally found out the mystery of DJ remix in several people and same time.  In this tragic era of synchronized digital DJs, we have maintained and raised the threshold of the DJ industry, explained to you the mystery of electronic music DJ battles, and the final judgement came from you at the scene! PANCAKELEE | with Tales Of The Desert:Kimo, and the founder of Wasabi Sound: Eric Lee and Be Stupid's DJ Sun Meng, and TRUST's Newest DJ Kirin all joined in the Aurora White Room having an improvisational on going "back to back" performance mode. feeling multiple people between the dancing steps Inspirational collisions and graceful rhythmic changes between DJs.  Come and dance with us, let every smart beat bloom on your toes! 【DJS】 PANCAKE LEE (TRUST,AURORA,PENG) Sun Meng Kimo Eric Lee Kirin DOOR:50RMB PRESALE预售:30RMB https://yoopay.cn/event/10706663  TIME:22:00-05:00 ADDRESS地址:北京朝阳区三里屯同里三层302室 Tongli Building 3rd floor (South Entrance) Sanlitun Bar Street INFO咨询: 15650789525 【PENG GROUP INFO】 PENG LABEL | was founded in 2006 by Dj Pancake Lee together with a group of friends driven by their passion for Electronic Music in all his forms and expressions. In 2013 Santi Musmeci (designer) joined Peng as partner and creative director and together with dj Pancake Lee reinvent PENG from a Music Label to a Lifestyle Brand. Since then PENG has been constantly developing together with time, fashion and trends, and bringing new ideas,improvements and all kind of extravagances to Beijing scene; although always maintaining its singularity,its particular style and spirit. In 2014 Airy (marketing) join Peng team.... 碰电音厂牌 | 成立于2006年,由创始人 DJ Pancake Lee 引领着他的团队在京城掀起了一股独具风格的电子音乐派对风潮!而后在2013年,意大利建筑设计师 Santi Musmeci 作为厂牌的创意总监开始正式加入“碰”,这股新鲜血液的注入使其厂牌迅速成长为一个更加多元化的生活方式品牌。“碰”不再只是一个单一的音乐厂牌,随之延 伸出来更多新鲜好玩的时尚事件和活动,在北京纸醉金迷的表象下它引领者一种别具一格的新城市生活方式和玩乐态度。2014年,“碰”团队更加入了Airy(市场),为“碰”带来更多的灵感碰撞和新元素! WE ARE AURORA 微信公众号:AURORA餐吧 网易云音乐电台:AURORA RADIO#1 INSTAGRAM:_AURORA.BEIJING FACEBOOK:AURORA_CLUB WEIBO:@AURORA墨西哥餐吧
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