Jackies Pres: Back to 00' - House, Dance & Hits (Djs, Saxo, Trumpet & Percusion Live)

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    Guto Fernandez Yabloko Moloko (Saxophonist) Hugo Drago (Trumpeter) Rubens (Percussion)
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  • (ESP) Revive la música los 00’ con vistas al mar, mientras disfrutas de la mejor gastronomía de mar y cocktails de autor en un horario brunch amigable de 13:00 a 21:00. Dance, House, Hits a cargo del Dj Guto Fernandez, con actuaciones especiales de Saxo, Trompeta y Percusión de nuestros músicos Yabloko Moloko, Hugo Drago y Rubens. Con su enclave 360ºC, el restaurante Marina Bay domina las vistas al Puerto Olímpico y al mar. Tiene dos terrazas, una ellas cubierta; justo debajo del emblemático “Peix Daurat” de Frank Gehry. Es necesaria reserva de mesa por grupos. El coste es 100% en crédito de consumo en carta de bebidas y comidas. (ESP) Relive the music of the 00s with views of the sea, while enjoying the best sea cuisine and signature cocktails in a friendly brunch schedule from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Dance, House, Hits by Dj Guto Fernandez, with special performances of Saxo, Trumpet and Percussion by our musicians Yabloko Moloko, Hugo Drago and Rubens. With its 360ºC enclave, the Marina Bay restaurant dominates the views of the Olympic Port and the sea. It has two terraces, one of them covered; just below Frank Gehry's iconic “Peix Daurat”. It is necessary to reserve a table for groups. The cost is 100% in consumer credit on the drinks and food menu. New normal, same vibes. Jackies daytime parties are back ♥ *Evento para mayores de 18 años (necesario traer DNI). - IMPORTANT: We have a limited capacity so we recommend to book tickets as soon as possible (booking your ticket on RA, you have the access guaranteed). Jackies is a community of quality music lovers. We understand music as something diverse, without borders and we do not close ourselves in conventional styles. In our events you can listen to House, Funk, Soul, Disco, Hip & Hop, always with the seal of quality of the brand. Each party takes place in a magical and special location selected to the maximum detail thinking about your enjoyment. #togetheragain#socialdistancingevent #openair
  • Jackies Pres: Back to 00' - House, Dance & Hits (Djs, Saxo, Trumpet & Percusion Live) - Flyer front