12.19 Sat. 19xx - Donghu Ballroom

  • Venue
    • No.7 Donghu Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
  • Date
    Sat, 19 Dec 2020
    21:00 - 03:00
  • Attending
    • 0
  • In a year full of surprises, we have learnt to truly cherish the time we spend with friends. After a successful Donghu Ballroom launch and feedback full of love and praise, we decided to open up once more! This December 19th, the Donghu Ballroom will open its doors, a break from the slowness and silence of winter, we turn on those neon lights and bring in the energy. We will cross over to the “Shanghai Beach” and enjoy the vibrancy of life. We will dance together. We will enjoy every last beat, every soulful lyric. We will forget the worries of the world and get lost in the era of drunken gold.
  • 12.19 Sat. 19xx - Donghu Ballroom - Flyer front