Pitch Black 2021

  • Pitch Music & Arts comes to Melbourne as CC:DISCO!, DJ Seinfeld and more perform at a bigger, inner-city version of the festival's beloved Pitch Black stage.
  • Pitch Music and Arts will be recreating the famous multi-level Pitch Black stage for a one-day event in Melbourne this October. The event was originally scheduled for March 2021 in lieu of the multi-day camping festival, however with lockdowns getting in the way the event has been postponed to October 23 this year. A revised extended programme has just been announced which will take place across 2 stages. CC:DISCO! Jennifer Loveless Jensen Interceptor Kim Ann Foxman Skatebård Skin On Skin Ayebatonye C. FRIM DAWS Escape Artist Moopie X CLUB. *Dj Boring, HAAi & Dj Seinfeld are no longer able to perform due to conflicting schedules Pitch Black - The brutalist, steel, multi-level scaffolding dance floor will be larger than the original version in order to accommodate all patrons. The stage will be expanded into a giant, scaffolding colosseum featuring a surround sound Funktion-One soundsystem. This esteemed programme of electronic artists will curate the sound of Pitch’s iconic scaffolding stage this October. Venue location & details will be announced Wednesday. The festival intends to return to its original format of being a multi-day camping festival in 2022, keeping its home in the Grampians.
  • Pitch Black 2021 - Flyer front