Common 12.DEC.2020

  • RSVP NOW: facebook event: COMMON is an experimental virtual events venue that provides tools centred around collective action that supports grassroots communities in music. ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩ ˜”*°•.˜”*°• Featuring rooms curated by: •°*”˜.•°*”˜ • female:pressure (Worldwide) - Nguyễn + Transitory (Queer Ear Mastering), Donna Maya, NAOBA, Kim Cosmik, hiT͟Hərˈto͞o, Kleine Pía with visuals by Pantecat, Materia Hache, Gretchen Bazooka • IME Chile (Chile) - Android, Basstk, Bruxista, Ce Pams, Francisco Pinto, Jose Quezada, Lainus, Niteroi, The Moontour, The Mugris, Trinity NIx, Tronador • DESTITUTE (Poland/Netherlands/Czechia) - What is happening in Poland and why Polish women need your support right now? (Films) by Lola Eyeonyou Potocki, Dominika Sitnicka, Jolanta Nowaczyk / Postcards From Hell (AV Set) by masscry, Dominika Hoyle / Reverberation (Film) by vilgoć, rez epo, mchy i porosty, purgist+maaaa, micromelancolié / SV Sanctuary (Film) by Paulina Trzeciak / un.t each other (Film) by Maria Ciszewska, Szymon Hernik / 5c or Above (Film) by Marcin Liminowicz, Trang Ha / Acid Rain (Film) by Tomek Popakul / DESTITUTE MIXCAST 021 (AV Set) by MARTYYNA, Naphta / DESTITUTE Showcase (DJ sets) by bibimbobo, dogheadsurigeri, emoji face • SPRÜDEL (US) - Tsurugi, Arthur Kimskii, Rush Plus, Haruka, Young Male • BLVSH Collective (Germany/Poland) - hripsime, hripsime B2B Acidfinky, Acidfinky, INVERИO, Naivblu, BLVSH interview with Fluid & Hybral, Fluid, Hybral • HomeSick / ‘ISOLATION TAPE’ / Presented by Footwork Jungle (US/UK/Canada) - A. Fruit, ITOA, Big Dope P, Samurai Breaks, Illexxandra, Jon1st, Addison Groove, Jae + Noir (JukeBounceWerk),Sinistarr, The Librarian, HomeSick Jungle Vinyl Set, Anna Morgan, SwaggaCats (Visuals), Notfortheireyes (Visuals), N3t4 (Visuals) • Hotline Collective - Elliott, Sappho, INNEZZ, Kasey Riot, Kasey Riot b2b Innezz • Comunión (Peru) - J.A.M, Zedlav, DJ Casanouva • COMMON room (Worldwide) - Electric Indigo (Workshop), Cuban Chamber of Commerce b2b Andria, Ye Ye, Hal0, Eki Shola, Makin' Bacon, Wifehood, Olive T, Tension • COMMON Immersive (Worldwide) - rRoxymore, Chamberlain Zhang, Rosa Anschütz, KMRU, Electric Indigo ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩ COMMON is free to attend, but encourages sustainable support through collective and artist subscriptions to channels on Currents, and tipchains - a feature that converts a single donation into an artist-distributed chain of support. Subscribe to a collective or channel on Currents and unlock special features on COMMON. COMMON is presented by Currents, an ongoing project to create broad support structures for worldwide grassroots music communities.
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