Metro Dallas: The Soul Brothers

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    The Soul Brothers Noor Stetra
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  • Supported by @DeepTechMinimal The Soul Brothers | Talavera Records| SAGA | The Gardens of Babylon Noor Stetra | [technorotica] The Soul Brothers are a duo of Mexican producers created by Daniel Muñoz and Tomás Encorrada from Puebla, Mexico. Their signature sound is the seamless fusion of organic and harmonic backgrounds encompassing cultures around the globe while highlighting the pre-Hispanic and indigenous sounds of Mexico. The collaboration of such brilliant and complementary minds leaves listeners wondering if they have found a new home after the surreal auditive journey they have embarked on together. The health and safety of our passengers is our first priority: *Temperatures will be checked at the door * We are following CDC guidelines and kindly requesting everyone to wear a mask * LIMITED capacity * We recommend that you use Uber/Lyft * Secret location disclosed to ticket holders day of event - 20 min from downtown Dallas * Government issued ID required for entry
  • Metro Dallas: The Soul Brothers - Flyer front