Kin, Kong, Anh Vy, Desnuages

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    Kin Kong Anh Vy Desnuages
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  • A journey through all genres of electronic music. KIN and KONG will take over our club floor, KIN's sound evolves around house/disco/techno territory, rolling back and forth from the classic sounds to their modern hybrids. On our Rooftop, we have also a big line up for you with the local wonderkid ANH VY, and DESNUAGES with his deep minimal tunes. _____ ☻ KIN (The Observatory / VN) Kin started picking empty glasses as a bar staff at The Observatory then soon fell for nightlife culture. After a decent amount of parties and supports for local veterans, he started his first gigs at the club. This little guy’s sound evolves around house/disco/techno territory, rolling back and forth from the classic sounds to their modern hybrids. Kin’s sets tend to take sex as the main ingredient which he believes to be the common sensation, and the effective mean to express various emotions. ☻ KONG (Decilab / FR) Astronomical ambiance, warmed with hot synths and drums, KONG has been sharing his overwhelming passion for music through diversified sets, often powerful and versatile. Real crossover of many music genres, his music tastes comes from his little but strong experience in the music industry working for clubs, festivals and record labels and meeting captivating artists, producers, DJs... For 3 years now, he has been promoting parties in Rennes, France as a promoter through "Decilab" inviting techno/house/beats artists. His road crossed The Observatory, techno, house and disco temple, in July 2016 where he worked there as head of communications, gaining solid dance floor experience, bathed in the morning sunlight. ☻ ANH VY (The Observatory / VN) Anh Vy is one of the youngest Djs in the Saigon underground scene and one of The Observatory’s newest residents. He's recognised by the versatility and flexibility in music. He was one of the resident DJs of former Upper Saigon. As time goes by, he is making himself into an interesting and promising piece of Saigon’s underground scene as an artist and a contributor with his very own uniqueness. ☻ DESNUAGES (Microclimat / FR) Born in Paris in 80’s, Desnuages was immersed in music growing up with his mother dancer. Percussionist autodidact, he learn to play Darbouka and Djembe. Attracted by the Parisian night, he was quickly interested by the electronic scene and used to go to Concrete, Rex club with DJ friends where he discover micro house, deep and minimal. He moved to Saigon in Vietnam in 2018 where he started to learn Djing with Dj friends and was resident at Arcan Club.
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