Krake Festival 2020 - 10 Years Anniversary

  • 3 DAYS OF MUSIC AND TV INCLUDING A MULTI-STREAM RAVE // DJ & LIVE SETS // AV SHOWS // KRAKE MUSIC TV // CALL-IN TALKSHOW // AMBIENT SLEEP CONCERT ______________________________________ FRI 11 DEC - DAY 1 OPEПING DΔY - SPECIAL SHOШS 17:00 —19:00 (social media) PERSON MΔП ШOMΔП CΔMERΔ TV CΔLL-IN TΔLK SHOШ 19:00 — 20:00 (website) KRΔKE TV 20:00 — 24:00 (website) LIVE SHOWS & DJ—SETS DEVIN MOHR & JOCHEN KRONIER present: XENOPROBE (premiere) 20:30-21:30 ARAD’s AUGMENTED FANTASY 21:30-22:30 UNDERGORUND KITCHISTANCE Alienata, DJ Flush & Max Durante b2b2b and cooking 22:30-24:00 SHED DJ SET ______________________________________ SAT 12 DEC - DAY 2 MULTI-STREΔM RΔVE - 10 CREШS, 10 STREΔMS 17:00 —19:00 (social media) PERSOП MΔП ШOMΔП CΔMERΔ TV CΔLL-IN TΔLK SHOШ 19:00 — 20:00 (website) KRΔKE TV 20:00 — 08:00 (website) MULTI-STREΔM RΔVE 10 CREWS, 10 STREAMS KRAKE MAIN STAGE Helena Hauff, DJ Stingray, Transforma pres. „Pokale“ with a soundtrack by Shed (live a/v), The Lady Machine, D. Tiffany b2b Rosa Terenzi, Salome, Romance Disaster- Live & many more FOLD LONDON Wes Baggaley, Hanno Hinkelbein, Becky Stroke & many more ONDERWERELD THE HAGUE Unit Moebius, Intergalactic Gary & many more OMEN RECORDINGS L.A. Drumcell, Vlaysin, Axkan & many more MECHATRONICA Electrodon, Lazercat live, Mejle, Daribone live & many more ISMUS Clouds, Clara Cuvé & many more HÖR Kris Baha - live, Rabih Beaini & many more SEOUL COMMUNITY RADIO DAMIE, Hakiim & many more UNIVERSE OF TANG Resident DJs all night long + SCHRUNZEL & DER BLAUE SCHMETTERLING - LIVE ICK MACH WELLE DOMCUMENTARY + TOILET FLOOR ______________________________________ SUN 13 DEC ΔMBIEПT SLEEP COПCERT - DECOMPRESSIOП This day is about decompression. Relaxing and spacious music to be enjoyed alone or in the company of friends chilling and dreaming away; maybe the most appropriate format for electronic music in times like these. 17:00 —19:00 (social media) PERSOП MΔП ШOMΔП CΔMERΔ TV CΔLL-IN TΔLK SHOШ 19:00 — 20:00 (website) KRΔKE TV 20:00 — 08:00 (website) ΔMBIEПT SLEEP COПCERT 20:00-20:15 ZOE MC PHERSON & ALESSANDRA LEONE PRES. GROUNDING IN OUTER SPACE 20:15-21:30 BABY VULTURE 21:30-22:30 T.RAUMSCHMIERE - AMBIENT LIVE SET 22:30-08:00 UNRUSH SHOWCASE w/ MAREENA, IRAKLI & JAKOJAKO ______________________________________ SPECIΔLS KRΔKE TV ΔRTIST FEΔTURES, COMEDY, MUSIC VIDEOS To expand the streaming format for festivals, we have developed Krake TV, a music TV format with different shows presenting music videos, artist features, comedy in cooperation with backstage - Das DJ Magazin, a very special Techno Training by Wes Baggaley as well as our traditional Krake raffle. There will be 1 hour of Krake TV on all three days. PERSOП MΔП ШOMΔП CΔMERΔ TV CΔLL–IN TΔLK SHOШ Welcome to our interactive call-in Talk show with Dieter Polen and DJ Elliver discussing the most important and ridiculous issues of our times and scene with you.. 10 YEΔRS ΔППIVERSΔRY MUSIC COMPILΔTIOП 82 TRΔCKS — 82 ΔRTISTS To celebrate our 10th anniversary we are releasing a whole bunch of tracks of artists who played for us over those 10 years. It would have been too much to ask all of them, but we did ask some and now we are happy and proud to present a V.A. compilation with over 80 tracks. The compilation is available for a very, very special price of 20€. All profits will be donated to Seawatch and Ick Mach Welle, All buyers will automatically take part in our charity raffle/tombola. Get your copy here: MUSIC VIDEO COMPETITIOП CΔLL FOR EПTRIES! For this year’s festival edition we want to draw some attention to the numerous amazing music videos that are produced and might sometimes get lost in the depths of the internet world since the 90s are over and there is no real music TV culture anymore. TOMBOLΔ/RAFFLE THE ШIП ШIП ШIП PRIПCIPLE! Our annual label fair won’t happen for obvious reasons - so we will have the raffle take place online instead. Some of the coolest labels around have given uns huge packages - partly their whole catalogue - and companies such as Irie Daily, Elektron, Korg, KRK, Native Instruments and Ableton have contributed to the amazing prizes we have. Win some! ______________________________________ Supported by Musicboard Berlin & Initiative Musik / gefördert durch die Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH mit Projektmitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien
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