Masterplano: Festival Clubbers da Esquina

  • WELCOME TO THE 1° FESTIVAL CLUBBERS DA ESQUINA 100% FREE Y CORONA FREE 💦 Clubbers da Esquina is a Brazilian festival designed by⚡️ MASTERplano ⚡️, collective based in the city of Belo Horizonte.. The festival articulates electronic music, technology and education through a series of workshops, public lectures, performances and two online club nights with a lineup that brings together LGBTQIA+, female and black artists from all over Brazil. The festival takes place on December 1st until December 13th, including four workshops, 2 lectures, a whole week of DJ, Live sets and online party with 26 artists from all five regions of Brazil. Clubbers da Esquina celebrates and updates the contemporary electronic music scene of Belo Horizonte, which over the past five years has been occupying public spaces, abandoned buildings and clubs, creating diverse, democratic and critical events dedicated to electronic music. The festival was originally designed to take place in warehouses and cultural spaces in Belo Horizonte. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the festival was adapted in order to take place online, as a way of promoting culture and education during one of the most difficult moments that our scene has ever faced. Admission is free for all festival’s activities, and all of its costs are covered by the city’s public funding. 🌐 OPEN YOUR WEBCAM Y VENGA COM NOSOTRAS 🌐 ✴ FULL SCHEDULE ✴ ✴ LIVES ✴ December 7 to 11th — 19h (GMT-3) ✴ PARTIES ✴ December 13 and 14th — 16h (GMT-3) ✴ MASTERClasses ✴ ➤ MC Carol & Guilherme Guedes / Brazilian Funk December 7th , 19:00—20:00 (GMT-3) ➤ O mais profundo é a festa / The politics of raving in Belo Horizonte com Guto Borges, Kika do Baile da Serra e Thálita Motta December 10th, 19:00—20:00 (GMT-3) ✴ ONLINE WORKSHOPS ✴ - all ministered in portuguese - ➤ Music production with autonomy with Mari Herzer ➤ VJing in the pandemic with MIR — Estúdio de Tecnologia Criativa ➤ Intuitive design and performance with Miss Immigration A.K.A. Euvira & Léo Teófilo ➤ Introduction to light design with Coletivo Prisma ✴ About MASTERplano ✴ MASTERplano is an electronic music collective run by female and LGBTQIA+ artists who came together in 2015 to use urban raves as a tool for claiming space for marginalized groups in the turbulent political context of Brazil. Apart from parties, the collective also promotes educational activities, such as workshops, lectures, debates and cinema sessions in order to nurture the debate around issues such as music, gender, sexuality, politics, technology and health. ✴ About Clubbers da Esquina ✴ Clube da Esquina was one of the main musical movements in Brazilian history. Born in the city of Belo Horizonte in the 1960s, the movement has influenced several artists around the globe. Clubbers da Esquina is a direct reference to the musical history of Belo Horizonte and how nowadays it has been claimed and taken over by club goers, ravers and lovers of electronic music. __ PROJETO CLUBBERS DA ESQUINA, Nº 1106, APROVADO NO EDITAL 2017/2018 ORIUNDO DA POLÍTICA DE FOMENTO À CULTURA MUNICIPAL (LEI Nº 11.010/2016). Patrocínio: UNI-BH Lápis Raro Cultural support: Shotgun